Montag, März 24, 2008


Unfortunately the easter holidays are over. But as promised, I'll show you some new pictures of Switzerland :)

Because there was snow and cold weather in northern Switzerland (where I life), I decided on short notice to go for a trip to the Kanton 'Tessin'. It's the southern part of Switzerland, almost in Italy and very different from the rest of the country in many ways. The speak italiean and the climatics are already mediterean. It was great to see some sun and warmth on these days. And see the many faces of my country. I'm too tired to make a big post. Just a few pictures.

As already said: on the lake (lago maggiore) it's almost like your in Italy

The wonderful clear water in Vale Verzasca

Well yeah, it's rather nice ;) but you can't show the beauty of
these huge mountains in just a picture...

We drove all up the mountain. Even I was pretty surprised how
much snow there still was!

Only for today: Mr. Murane in the creek ;)

I really hope you enjoyed the pictures! Feels great for me to show you some of the beauty of my home (as many of you all do. thanks for that mateys!!!). If you like, I'll show you some more soon.


At 12:50 AM, März 25, 2008, Blogger Keshi said...

aww some very beautiful pics Mr.Murane!

**The wonderful clear water in Vale Verzasca

My Fav. The color of the water is AMAZING and looks so fresh indeedz!

And ur pic...u r sooo adorable! D u even know that? :)


Show me more ;-)


At 1:36 AM, März 26, 2008, Blogger The Phosgene Kid said...

gorgeous place, excellent pictures. I need to go back and spend some time there.

At 5:52 PM, März 27, 2008, Blogger wallycrawler said...

Shit I thought there was just watches and chocolate there?!

Ya got mountains and streams too?

If ya want ya can sell it to us? We'll soon get some McDonald's and Movie posters to live'n up that scene!?


At 3:48 AM, März 29, 2008, Blogger The Phosgene Kid said...

I'd like to live in that village, I think.

At 10:24 AM, März 29, 2008, Blogger Keshi said...

come take part in my blog quiz :)


At 5:07 PM, April 01, 2008, Anonymous Anonym said...

hey muräninho! geili bilder!!! :-) s tessin isch halt scho au de hammer...!! mueni au bald mol wieder ane!! bis bälde dänn!! cheers, unbreakable

At 8:41 AM, April 02, 2008, Blogger Die Muräne said...

Esch ächt es Reisli wert! Ech ben jo sed x Johre nömme gross dunde gsi. Aber mues säge: 1a! Grad i denen velle Täler häsch eifach tuusig Möglichkeite (för was au immer ;D )

At 9:21 PM, April 02, 2008, Anonymous Anonym said...

heheeh! ;-)


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