Dienstag, März 06, 2007

fy faen!

Heeee guys, I'm back from Norway! It was a blast!!

We were invited to join the birthday party of our friend Marit aka "the evil ghost" ;P
The old aunt turned thirty and we really had to support her in this very critical moment of her life.

So we all went to this fucking ferry from Oslo to Danmark. A huuuge party with heeps of food and drinks and chicas. I still can't believe that I survived!!

Just a few impressions here. Catch you later!

Aaah, finally back in Norway! ;P


later in the morning my eyes got hazy... but we still had fun fun ;)

fitte faen y helvete!


At 2:41 PM, März 06, 2007, Blogger unbreakable said...

hahaah! fitte faen! chasch luut säge! noch dem trip weiss ich etz au wieso ich mir de nickname geh ha..!? :-) hihi! isch geil gsi und ich chum so ganz langsam wieder es "normals" gfühl im chopf über.... tusen takk muräne!! :-)

At 7:12 PM, März 06, 2007, Blogger Dino aka Katy said...

mhh schaut so aus als ob ihr spass haettet. Ich war ein paar mal auf der faehre von luebeck nach koppenhagen - nur damit wir billig alcohol und zigretten kaufen konnten - sind nie runter

At 5:33 PM, März 07, 2007, Blogger Die Muräne said...

unbreakable: han no eine förs nächscht mol usegfunde: "Hvor lenge ma jeg bli her?" hehehe!

dino: tönt doch überraschend vernünftig!

At 5:42 PM, März 07, 2007, Blogger Gnat of Glass said...

Damnit!! I am going to have to go get my wife to translate this jargon. She will be full of envy that you went to Norway(She is from Bergen).

Alas, she need to plan a trip to take me there.

As for the post below about the D30 very NICE! I just got MiniMolli a Rebel XTI with 55mm to 300mm lens. She has been playing around with it a bunch...I think I use it more than she does. Maybe it was a present for me. Maybe you could give me some hints on how to take better pictures of my Glass. Going to the store this afternoon to look at some C-stands I think they are called.


At 6:08 PM, März 07, 2007, Blogger Die Muräne said...

gnat: prob she won't like it too much ;P But that's just because the girls only teach us the nasty words... ;)

you have cool stuff on your blog.
But I don't know much about photography. I just know how I want the pics to feel like... thats all

At 4:47 AM, März 08, 2007, Blogger wallycrawler said...

Well you looked like you hooked up with some hawt stuff there .
Which one did you get caught up with ?

At 4:47 AM, März 08, 2007, Blogger The Phosgene Kid said...

Looks like a hoot. See you had to don your beer goggles to make the hotties hot!!

At 4:53 AM, März 08, 2007, Blogger Keshi said...

WB I missed ya!

**The old aunt turned thirty and we really had to support her in this very critical moment of her life.

LOL u meanies!

Nice pics. Is that u in the last pic on the right with blue eyes?


At 8:53 AM, März 08, 2007, Blogger ChickyBabe said...

Welcome back! So which one is you??

At 4:39 PM, März 08, 2007, Blogger Die Muräne said...

Yes, that's me in the last picture!! How did you find it out?

At 4:40 PM, März 08, 2007, Blogger Die Muräne said...

want some more pics from Norge?

At 11:57 PM, März 08, 2007, Blogger The Phosgene Kid said...

Let's see some Fjords or at least some hot blond babes!!

At 6:37 AM, März 09, 2007, Blogger Keshi said...

o u cheeky boi u changed the pic ha!

Im gonna change ur Grade from HD to F now...to understand that, go check my current post :):)


At 12:03 PM, März 09, 2007, Blogger unbreakable said...

hey muräne! e sehr schöne satz!!! wieso simmer do nid scho frühner drufcho!
and yes! it's the muräne!! with his wonderful blue....jeans...! höhööh :-)

At 5:25 AM, März 10, 2007, Blogger Steph said...

Looks like fun. Did you score with the hotties? :P

At 5:29 AM, März 10, 2007, Blogger The Phosgene Kid said...

I don't believe you went to Norway - Not a hot blonde in sight!!

At 1:43 PM, März 10, 2007, Blogger Die Muräne said...

Phos: I think it was very nice that they colored their hair for us ;)

At 3:31 PM, März 21, 2007, Blogger Justine said...

I can't believe you would write FITTE somewhere CB might read it! :D

Fekk du nokon?

At 2:38 PM, März 22, 2007, Blogger Die Muräne said...



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