Montag, November 27, 2006


Han höt di ganz Nacht nome vo dem geile FCZ-Sieg träumt! Ech glaub ech fang jetzt denn langsam endgültig afo spinne...

Sonntag, November 12, 2006


come come
you heavy rains
and come you stormy winds
to me to clear
and clean my fields
and wash away
its everything

Montag, November 06, 2006

Tempus fugit

Time flies. Runs like crazy. Without end.
And at the same moment, like on a different level,
it seems to stand totaly still. Like in a bubble.
I see it in me. And see it in others.
You could see it in the stars as well now.
So maybe we better get used to it.
But I really wonder. I wonder what's that for.
What do we have to learn from these days?

I can't hear you!

A very old one from my Blog.

Haha, still love it ;)

Mittwoch, November 01, 2006


A new picture is born and it's called "how nice"

(as always no copyright on this one. Feel free to use it as wallpaper for your living room or whatever)