Samstag, April 10, 2010

Cheeeese, mates!

Hi guys, long time not seen ... damn, where were you all?! lol

Anyway, I was pretty busy over here. Busy and lazy :)

Went to a short trip to Prag in the Czech Republic last month. Wow, that's a nice city. And they have a good beer there, I can tell you, haha. I have heaps of pictures... but will show them in another post (

Today we make cheeeeese, mates. No worries, just easy stuff. Like fresh cheese, you know.
But it's very good fun to make your own products and try it with different tastes. Lets go!

1. we cook the whole milk. about 2 liter. and don't let it burn, stupid! ;)
take it away from the fire and pour in 1 dl citrus juice. stir stir stir stir

2. pour the mix into a very thin towel or cloth. press it out as good as possible (imagine it is a tax payer inside...)

3. wow, look, cheese :)

4. cut some fresh herbs (or jalapenos, chilis, whatever), mix the cheese with them and some salt

5. press it to a flat piece (still in the towel, but between two woods for example) and let it rest like this for 8 hours in the fridge.

Now you can eat it. Or store it in a glas of good olive oil.
I like to cut it in pieces and fry them. your choice.
bloody good tucka'