Samstag, Juni 21, 2008

in the streets

We actually see the quarter-finals. The wether is hot and everyone in the streets. Many open air bars, like my favorit 'coyote ugly' in Zurich. Football, music and beer and girls. What else do you want.

Today the biggest party will be in Basel. They expect more then 100'000 fans from Holland. chhhhute Daaag!

180'000 dutch fans in Basel . . . . and sent back home by the russian team.
Maybe sad for the funny fans, but this very young team from Russia plays a really fantastic football. They're reeeeeally cool!!! Nastrovje! :)

Roman Pawljutschenko - you can't stop this dude

Sonntag, Juni 15, 2008

No more Kebap!!

Switzerland is already out :(

After the 1 : 2 against the Turks all the hopes are gone now. Much too hard to write about at the moment.

Today I spent some hours on the fan strip in Zurich, taking pictures of empty turkish Kebap-stores and asking them, how the business goes! Hehehe, at least this was good fun after all :D

"Hey, how's the business?" ;)

"Hey, how's the business?" ;)

"Hey, how's the business?" ;)

"Hey, how's the business?" ;)

Dienstag, Juni 10, 2008

Italia - campioni - grande illusioni!!

So guys, the first few days of the EURO are over. And I dare to say, I had pretty much fun so far - hehehe!

Unfortunately the swiss team lost the first match even thought they made a pretty good game. Tomorrow, in the second match they MUST win over Turkey. There is still an old open bill from a few years before, when Switzerland won in Turkey in the last minutes - and everything ended in a baaad fighting. So I think we really should kick them in the ass once more ;p

Very peacefull games! Party everywhere and only a few hundred arrested so far (manly some stupid german nazis in Klagenfurt, Austria). The streets are full with fans from many countries and it's really fun to celebrate.

I didn't take my camera with me these days. But I found a funny picture in the news... Italy (the world champion) lost it's first game vs Holland 0 : 3!! What a great start for the Oranjes!! Italy started very arrogant and fell over. Ohhh the tears! :D

See you soon with some new news (so to say). And some own pictures.

Mittwoch, Juni 04, 2008


Okay mateys, as you all know this saturday the EURO 2008 starts. Yeah, the european football championships!! They will be here in Switzerland and Austria. Hundreds of thousands of millions football-fans will (hopefully :D) come over here and we hope it will be one big party.

So I will be very busy these days...

Next week I won't work to fully enjoy at least the first of this 3 weeks monster event. For my oversea friends I will try to write some news and stuff then. Some fotos. Some storys. You know what I mean.

The weather today here in Zurich: cold and rainy. Not very good so far. But everything will be fine next week...

Let the games beginn!!

Note: this picture has nothing to do with the EURO 2008
I just thougth I could post something nice for the very very
few of you who are not interested in football ;)

Montag, Juni 02, 2008


Well, endelig I gathered some seats for the opening game.

They were very cheap.... but I think there is enough place for a

lovely little fire