Sonntag, Juli 29, 2007


Right back from another great weekend in the lovely swiss mountains!
Once more exciting and beautyful...

Can't wait to show you some of the pictures ;)

Up in the mountains the weather can change very fast. So sometimes it's like you experience everything at the same time. Unbelivable...

'Schwingen' - a swiss national sport. Strong dudes in a kind of wrestling fight in the wood shavings. Always good fun to watch!!

Dienstag, Juli 24, 2007

it's the detail that kills your photo II

Freitag, Juli 20, 2007

remember me

Sonntag, Juli 15, 2007

danger zone

today: something cute for your tender souls

Donnerstag, Juli 12, 2007


Donnerstag, Juli 05, 2007

culture I

As promised I'd like to show you some nice pictures of football fan culture over here. Many fan clubs doing a great job, much effort and heart blood to cheer for their team. Great show. You must watch this to see what I mean!

Unfortunately, these pictures could be 'nostalgic' pretty soon. As already shown in many countries, politicans, clubs, police and other boring people try to forbid almost everything. No fun allowed. 'sit down if you love football' is the policy. They prefer business dudes sitting in their lounge, drinking a glass of champain and talking about money instead of crazy jumping fans.

I'd like to write some more and complain.... but my heart hurts ;)
So just see and enjoy!

Zurich. My love ;)

he, who's that? Sweden??? haha

....and here... Italy - always doing a great job:

FC Basel (CH), some years ago in Milano:

Sad. But there's still time to fight!!!