Donnerstag, Januar 29, 2009

Welcome to Davos

Once more the world and economic leaders (leaders?!) meet here in the mountains to party and think about how they could squeeze the citrus a little bit more...

Davos, a nice spot up here in the mountains, is almost closed for the general public. Only VIPs!
Military everywhere.

I spent a day up there two weeks ago. wonderful place. I will post some pictures and stuff later.



Well here some of the promised pictures. Nice place :)

Still two days to go on the WEF - world economic forum. The place looks now like a prison.

There is much military and police everywhere because in the earlier years there where big protests against globalism, corruption, fraud and all the stuff that comes with it. Nowadays they controll everyone who wants to go up the valley. So it's almost closed for us the people.

But anyways, enjoy the pictures and take a breath of the fresh mountain air!

Dienstag, Januar 20, 2009


Forget Obama

There is only ONE who can save the world:

It's S U P E R T A X P A Y E R !!!!!!!

Freitag, Januar 16, 2009

in the river

To me, this plane thingy is more then suspicious...
I hope there is no further sign of fowl play

Donnerstag, Januar 15, 2009


some guys become blue
and strange
in a long hard winter

Mittwoch, Januar 07, 2009


stupid little fuggers everywhere. gives me the shits.