Montag, November 26, 2007

beaches II

After the huge succes of the 'beaches' post and the many many letters and reactions of readers of this modest little blog... today I can proudly present:

'the wonderful joys of turkish beaches, part 2'

Mittwoch, November 21, 2007

Roma due

Okay, okay, I have more, I have more! And I'm happy to show you them, haha. (I will add some new ones when I have a little more time...)

Don't ask me why, but this picture makes me hot ;)

In the city center... for sure a nice place to life

Inside the colloseo. And today they can't even build a normal house which lasts for more then a few years...

il ultimo cattivo coming out of the vaul
scarry shit

The world famous 'vomit fountain' ;)

Samstag, November 10, 2007


Right back home tonight. huu, what a great city! maybe one of the most beautyful in Europe.

Plenty of arts, history, wonderful churches, nice people... and of course the best ice cream and pizza in the world! It was great to escape the grey autumn days here and enjoy the italien sun for a week.

After most of you guys didn't adore my artful fotos enough, for this time I will show you some nice and easy tourist shots ;)

Colloseo - home of the gladiators and hungry lions

Castel Sant’ Angelo

il tevere

Forum Romanum

Donnerstag, November 01, 2007


Hey sorry guys, didn't have time to post about this great weekend when me and my club went to Basel to brew our own beer. Sooo much fun! Here just a few pictures in advance. I'm heading to Rome tomorrow, so see you in a week (with some news I hope :))