Donnerstag, September 27, 2007


yo guys! sorry for the delay. we already had 2 games in this new stadium and even thought it was very crowded and they didn't sell any beers it was pretty good fun! a great 4 - 0 victory in the Zurich derby and a 2 - 2 vs the closest 'enemy' FC Basel.

Here I have a few pictures of the new stadium for you! I hope you like it ;)

some lovely fireworks

Händ ue!!!

Mittwoch, September 19, 2007

four days to go

four days to go

this sunday our lovely stadium 'Letzigrund'...

... will be back in it's new look:
modern, clean, expensive, boring

Time to fight!

Freitag, September 14, 2007

so then

Have a peaceful weekend guys ;)

Dienstag, September 04, 2007


The wonderful joys of turkish beaches ;)