Mittwoch, Januar 31, 2007


ond ech lauf zom Bach
voll Freud
ond wot go luege
was för Belder er mer macht
ond stoppe plötzlech
riib mer d'Auge
en Nebel verhüllt die Pracht
stoppe för Minute, Stunde, Johr
bes echs endli chegge
was ech au gsehne oder nöd
jede Stei ond jede Halm
jede Tropfe, jedi Flocke
alls esch genau a sim rächte Platz
es Wonder

Dienstag, Januar 30, 2007


Back down in Zurich. And I had a great day!

This time I travelled to the very east of Switzerland. For the way up through the mountains I took the panoramic train called "Brünig Express". I must admit, this was the most beautiful train ride I've ever made. Unbelievable!

The village of Pontresina is about 1'750 meters above sealevel. Not too many tourists there these days, absolutely blue sky, mystic forests, untouched snow and a fantastic view to the all surrounding mountains... drop dead gorgeous! So beautiful I really couldn't think anymore... no wonder I almost got lost in the forest ;)

But enough said. I better let the pictures speak:

the alps, all around...


wanna go for a walk?

Die Muräne says: "gimme your panties!" ;)

Will post some more pictures soon. But my analog modem gives me the shits..
Peace mateys!

Sonntag, Januar 28, 2007

Jump with die Murane!

Finally we got some snow here!
And I thought it's best to take some days off
and jump into the snow. Huiiiii ;)
So I'll be up in the lovely swiss mountains tomorrow.
Take some pictures for you guys as well ... maybe
I think I'll go up to St. Moritz where all the other rich
and famous people spend their winter holydays, hehe!
waaaaah, I'm already a little excited ;)

Montag, Januar 22, 2007


Wasser des Lebens bin ich
ausgegossen für dürstende Menschen

Dienstag, Januar 16, 2007


Just found this picture in the net
And love it! It's great, isn't it
It's by a girl from Norway, Julie K., she's very gifted
(will throw it out soon, didn't ask to publish it here...)

Samstag, Januar 13, 2007


protect us

love me

give me

help her

heal me

feed us

be with me

look for him



Dienstag, Januar 09, 2007


hehehe, how bad...