Freitag, Mai 18, 2007


nothing to do today
i walked the city's streets
sat down on the river-side
enjoyed the sun and listened to a musician
singing desperate songs of freedom

spellbound by the moment
what a day

Sonntag, Mai 13, 2007

immer nome züri

Thought a lot lately
about leaving Zurich
and going back
to where I came from
fuck, it hurts!

Mittwoch, Mai 09, 2007


Did you hear this step behind you?
Did you feel this icy breeze?

There's always someone watching.

Samstag, Mai 05, 2007

wish you luck

One more of these strange days when I'm trapped between a feeling of being dead tied and this "I-can't-stop-moving-for-a-second"... puuaah.

Yesterday we celebrated the marriage of a friend. Instead of the classic wedding thingy with guests and food and speeches they decided to let the party start in a small GOA joint here in Zurich. Great location, some cool people (like us, lol), beers and excellent sound all night. You know what I mean ;)

GOA, my everlasting love! Brought back memories of crazy times in my life. I love this sound. This fluid and forward drive that makes me smile and forget everthing around. Embraced by another world... Unfortunately the last few years clubs in Zurich are too much in House and stuff for my taste. Well, times change, I know. That's okay.

Dain and Yvonne, I wish you luck!