Freitag, Februar 29, 2008

the cure

Went to the cure concert this week. Wow, my all time favs :)
Just greeeat, three hours of fantastic music and atmosphere.
go and see them if they play your city!!!!!!!!

I found an video for you from the very old days - 'a forest' 1980 in Amsterdam...

Mittwoch, Februar 20, 2008


Hi guys! I'm back... but only for a second.

Had a little cold and flu last week, but too much work and stuff to stay in bed and take care of myself. Puh, life is hard :)
Early tomorrow morning I'm heading to England for a marriage (no not mine, lol). So you see I'm pretty overloaded at the moment. But I thought I must write a little post to show you I'm still alive! So see now what amazing things happend here :)

Like every year and everywhere, there's 'fasnacht' here in Switzerland. Carneval. Comes from the very old days, to expel the winter (see Wikipedia if you don't know it). All parts of Switzerland have very different customs and traditions to celebrate it. This year I went to the county Basel Land, to the small town Liestal to be exact. There they make a big 'fire parade'. A fire parade all along through the little town. More than 300 men carry heavy brooms in full fire. Crazy bastards!!! And there are biiiiig burning wagons, also set on fire, driving through town. It's just a fantastic event and thousands of people are watching it every year. Pretty dangerous... no one knows why never something bad happend... (even thought there are hundreds of fireguards watching the szene off course).

Just have a look at this. It's just a collection of pictures and a little film. I will edit it when I'm back home and have more time and power.

Take care and see you next week!

The wooden brooms are ready for the night

hundreds of men walk with their fires

A burning wagon comes down the hill ...
... passes the gate of the tower...
... and enters the thight city streets! Unbelivable!!
What a crazy night!!

Mittwoch, Februar 06, 2008

labour grounds

er lauft
meint er hegs pressant
luegt abe
ond folgt sim schatte
er lauft
wohe, dass weiss er ned

Freitag, Februar 01, 2008

the call

mues wechtig si

dass du mech störsch