Mittwoch, Februar 21, 2007

first run

A few test shots I made. It's really cool. While my old Sony was automatic and I had to spend a lot of time to handle the pre-settings to make the pictures look the way I want them, this camera gives me a lot more possibilities. Maybe you'll have to click the pictures to enlarge them. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to test it outside at daylight so far. But who cares, time will come... So at least now I have the time to learn more about the many buttons.

inside atmosphere

lights in a mirror

freestyle art (how cool is that! wanna buy it? lol)


Samstag, Februar 17, 2007


Yo guys! Guess why I am so happy today!?

No, it's not the drugs! ;)

My new camera just arrived! Oh yeah!! Look at that:

A brand new Canon EOS 30D with a lovely EF-S 17-85 mm IS zoom lens... really makes my heart sing!

It costs me a few Franks (so to say...) but I thought instead of spending all my money for jumping girls and stuff, I could do something nice, something creative, something that fills the hearts of all human kind with joy. So here we go.

So maybe many of you will miss the wonderful pictures of my old Sony. Just like this:

But no, they're not lost. It's just time for something new. I'm sooo looking forwards to it!

Sonntag, Februar 11, 2007


Freitag, Februar 09, 2007


Nor no einisch schlofe bes zom Derby

Ben scho ganz ufgregt... ;)

Some shots from the game (stolen pics, cause I was standing down there...)

"Born for FCZ" - geili Choreo gsi!

Let there be light!

Montag, Februar 05, 2007

the life in us

Are we really just a piece of flesh and bones and skin like todays scientists want to tell us?
From dust to dust and between that some electric functions in our brain that keep us running?

I believe in something different. There must be something more. Not just what we see when we look. Not just what we feel when we touch. There must be something much bigger in all of us...
Like a breath of life, like a divine bright light we just can't see with our eyes.

I tried to show that in this new masterpiece of human art: The white joyful light of life in us and all around us. This everlasting IT which no one could ever discribe.

What do you guys think?

(unfortunately the original picture is huge - more then 12 MB. Much too big for an upload. So I had to print it out and take a shot with my camera ;) hmm, not too good, but if you'd like to see this amazing picture, just come around to my place and enjoy...)