Donnerstag, Juni 28, 2007


Sonntag, Juni 24, 2007

summer II

Olga had better times, I guess...

this night should never end ;)

Mittwoch, Juni 20, 2007

sex am arbeitsplatz ist geil

Montag, Juni 18, 2007


yeah, still alive and having fun fun ;)
come back to you soon (maybe...)

Donnerstag, Juni 14, 2007

the good old times

Well, I found a wonderful videoclip and really wanted to share it with you guys. But it looks like I'm to stupid to install this youtube-thingy on my blog... sorry. So you have to click the title to get the link!!

It's a clip about these good old times. Times with heaps of fun and excitement. Not like today when you get arrested if you fart loud in public or - even worse - just smile in the streets. le siiiiigh!

Please enjoy: Zurich vs. Dynamo Zagreb! 10 minutes about one of the most exciting and exuberant examples of ultra fan culture our lovely city has ever seen ;)

Sonntag, Juni 03, 2007


Züri oleeeeeeee

Züri oleeeeeeee

ond mer senged bes zom Tod

Züri oleeeeeeee